Hello! Well, I’ve missed joining along in Heather’s blog hop.  I’m back this week and hope to stick around.  Details about all the greens below, or feel free to ask in the comments.

DSC_0008 2DSC_0003DSC_0006DSC_0002 3DSC_0008::  farmers market goodies…the strawberries keep getting better and better with each week!

::  tons of arugula from our little garden.  I’ve never been an arugula fan until now.  I’ve been making some fruity dressings that mask the bitterness.

::  fresh greens and cucumber, apple, lemon and mint salad with sourdough bread

::  green breakfast smoothie with pear, lemon, collards, a date, water and some ice

::  that ^ green breakfast smoothie on my little girl’s face.  all we could hear was “maw” “maw”.  i think she liked it.