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Hello! I am joining Heather this week from Beauty That Moves in her blog hop – and have some news to share!

DSC_0005It’s been busy and I’m a little overwhelmed here at home.  I’m finally at a place where I can announce our big news that we’ve been working on…well, for quite a few years.

We have sold our house and are moving! It’s hard to imagine leaving our home of nine years, where we brought each of our three children home, where we have made so many wonderful friends in our neighborhood and surrounding community.  It’s surreal and definitely bittersweet.

But…this is something our family needs to do. We need to reconnect with each other outside the boundaries of a house with so many responsibilities.  We need time together, enjoying ourselves, as a family…exploring the beauty that is all around us in the United States.  This will be quite the shuffling of needs versus wants, traveling on a budget, and prioritization of what really matters to us.

After we settle on our house in mid-August, we will be embarking on a 40 day journey making our way to the west coast.  We don’t know exactly where we will settle, so stay tuned! I will be blogging here about healthy eating on the road (wait until you see what I’m planning for my road kitchen!), learning on the go (geography, natural science and so much more), and the ups and downs of traveling with three young children (there may even be a blog makeover!).  We are also working on a blog devoted entirely to our trip that I will link to, at some point.

I hope you’ll stick around.  🙂

Now, more pics from my kitchen – with details below.

DSC_0035DSC_0010DSC_0001DSC_0008DSCF0124DSC_0012DSCF0125DSC_0007:: farmers market finds – I’m really going to miss our market and all the people who have been feeding us for over seven years.

:: delicious cheesy quinoa and broccoli on romaine – recipe from the new Oh She Glows cookbook

:: grain free nutty granola with almond milk and local berries and peaches – granola recipe from Jenny Cornbleet’s Raw Food Made Easy

:: quinoa salad with lime vinaigrette

:: one of the best ice creams I have ever made – Mint Chocolate Chip from the Nourishing Meals cookbook (SO EASY and dairy free, my favorite combination)

:: beautiful sprouted lentils – I’m sprouting a lot these days because the humidity and heat makes everything sprout so fast.  I even sprouted some chickpeas by accident in my fridge.  I will write another post on how that happened soon.

:: another quinoa salad with tons of fresh mint from Peg at our farmers market

:: mound of morning green juice ingredients

:: local red potatoes from our farmers market – sooooo buttery and delicious, especially when paired with green beans and a yummy tahini sesame oil dressing