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8 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. I just discovered your blog…I love it! Great site! Thanks! Alex

  2. Do you have some of the recipes that Sheri did when she had the Green and Crunchy blog? I was so sad to see it totally disappear. I thought maybe I could get some of her recipes of her blog before it was gone.

  3. Ruth Statt said:

    I am doing a research project on Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian diet for a Wellness Coaching class and would like to connect with you about your experience eating this way. I read your article on the fimby blog and enjoyed all that you had to say. I tried, but it didn’t work. Would love to connect with you briefly as I know you are very busy getting ready for baby’s birth. So sorry about the loss of yur father-in-law. Hope to hear from you.
    I just signed up for your blog…’s wonderful!

  4. I found your snack list helpful and I went to click on the apple caramel sauce recipe and it says I have to be “invited” to your super blog to see the recipe. Can you invite me?

  5. Also,
    Do do you have a spelt bread recipe
    Or any kind of recipe for bread in the zojirushi bread maker? I have a nutrimill and like to include millet in my bread.

    • I’ve used spelt instead of whole wheat in my Zoji and, while it came out OK (I think I added a little more water with the spelt), it was more dense and drier than whole wheat. I didn’t use a recipe, just replaced the wheat with spelt. I’m not a very scientific baker – just trial and error and although the bread was fine, I preferred the wheat version. Unfortunately, I’m not really sure about including millet flour and whether or not it absorbs more or less water than wheat. Have fun with your Nutrimill, though, I’ve heard those are great! 🙂

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