DSCF0217Folks, it’s all getting packed up! I can’t believe we have filled boxes and boxes with all of our kitchen equipment.  Trips to the market and grocery store are either infrequent or lightweight.

We are five days away from our moving date and I just wanted to stop in here to say hi, and ask that you bear with me until we are on the road.  I will be snapping pictures before we leave, but may not get to post much until after settlement.

Joining Heather this week for the latest This Week in My Kitchen blog hop.  Details on the food can be found at the bottom.  Ask questions in the comments, please!

DSCF0229DSCF0204DSCF0145DSCF0178DSCF0232DSCF0225DSCF0235::  our lovely neighbor friends made us this beautiful fresh fruit tart.  decadent and definitely worthy of a thousand pictures.  Thank you, Mary!

::  steamed potatoes and green beans with fresh chives coated in an amazing tahini sauce (the sauce always makes the dish, right?)

::  quinoa with peas, hummus and a basil zucchini frittata

::  granola bars in the making (with chocolate chips, of course)

::  creamy peach and chickpea spinach salad, topped with peanuts

::  blueberry corn pancakes with fresh fruit

::  one of my many quinoa salads with peaches, cucumbers, chickpeas and I don’t remember what else (a great way to use up all those leftovers in the fridge)

::  last, but certainly not least, our little lady trying so hard to get something from the fridge.  aren’t toddlers the best?

Stay in touch, friends.  I’ll see you on the road.