What Works for Us

Leah Troiano has written to kidoing! about her experience using the Immunity Poster in her home with two young girls.  We are so happy to hear the poster is working well for her family! Thank you so much for writing, Leah!

Here’s what Leah had to say:

“Jennifer Sanders, owner of kidoing!, has been instrumental in changing the way my family eats. The way she approaches cooking for her family is a wonderful example of how she gently spreads the word about the benefits of eating whole foods. She has been an inspiration and her energy is contagious. She was one of the biggest influences that led me to bring more veggies and fruits into my house, and better yet, helped me to get those nutritious items into my kids, especially the picky one who flatly refuses to eat anything green! Jen’s posters are just a natural offshoot of her passion for good (and good for you) food and passion for getting the most nutritious food into kids.

I purchased the Immunity Poster and hung it in my dining room. My kids see it every day. At first I talked to my kids about the poster and pointed out some of the colorful food items on the poster. I briefly discussed that they poster showed us wonderful foods that help to keep us healthy. Then, every once in a while, I pointed out that what we had on the table was also on the poster. My oldest child would jump up to read what that food was doing for our bodies. Pretty soon, when the broccoli hit the table at dinner time, the kids were clamoring to read all the benefits we would reap from the food.

Having the poster as a “spokesperson” for good foods is an interesting concept. When the kids see the food pictures on the poster every day, that food ends up becoming a common addition to the table…and it’s a wonderful way to introduce the idea of good foods, without it having to come from me all the time. The poster works as a talking point for my family, and the kids can access the information, or just notice the photos. It’s been a wonderful tool to help us reach our goal to eat healthfully.”

Leah Troiano, Loopdihoops.com

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