Hi and Welcome! I’m joining Heather from Beauty that Moves again this week.  It’s been a busy week out of the kitchen, so I have fewer pictures.  We have a lot of changes in store for our family in the near future, bringing with them excitement, trepidation and a lot of work! I think I’ll be talking a little more about this in the coming months.  Until then, I hope you enjoy some of the things we’ve eaten this week.

DSC_0027DSC_0031DSC_0002DSC_0015 3DSC_0033DSC_0037DSC_0036 2::  Lunch with the kids – salad, walnut-pecan dressing, Dreena Burton’s sweet balls (no I did not make this name up!), ginger tea and more green juice for me (plus some leftover mei fun from the previous night’s chinese takeout)

::  I put the grocery bags on the ground.  She walked over to them and sat down.  The next thing I saw was her eating a plum!

::  Balsamic chickpeas and collard greens from a previous 30 Day Vegan (highly recommended!)…hurry, the next session starts soon!

::  Caramelized onion, mushroom and marsala cashew cream quiche with local artisan goat cheese on top.  My own creation and very flavorful.  I surprised myself.

::  The makings of our favorite African Peanut Stew (a double batch in the slow cooker!)

::  Oven roasted russet potatoes