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DSC_0002See the crevice between “OPEN” and the dial? It was a sticky mess, until I figured out how to clean it.

We love our Omega Juicer.  It cranks out vibrant juice, especially our favorite – green juice.  It’s so much easier to clean than our previous Breville and Oster juicers.

But, I have to admit that I have had trouble with the “OPEN” and “CLOSE” dial getting sticky and requiring more muscle weight than I have to turn the dial to release the pieces.

I had a feeling it was sticky from juice and needed to be cleaned, so I started out with a cotton swab, but just couldn’t get into all the small spaces.

One day, I realized that warm water would probably dissolve the sticky residue inside the dial.  So, I warmed some water in my tea kettle and poured it over the dial, aiming between the dial and the body of the juicer.  After each pour, I twisted the dial and after a few times it was moving smoothly again.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier when I was risking a pulled muscle, but there you go!

We juice almost every day.  It’s a part of our day that we look forward to.  The kids are involved.  Most of the time, our 4 year old son is the one who does the juicing.  Sometimes our older daughter does it and our toddler enjoys watching (and drinking), too!

DSC_0016Our oldest daughter giving green juice to our youngest at just 16 months

I’ve been enjoying videos by Dara Dubinet and Dan McDonald and recently watched one on juicing cilantro and pineapples, then adding that to coconut water.  I thought it sounded like an amazing combination, so I modified our regular daily juice and came up with this variation.

DSC_0002 3

The flavor of this Cilantro Limeade knocked my socks off!

Cilantro Limeade

  • Large handful of cilantro
  • 1 English cucumber (with peel if organic; no peel if not)
  • 1 lime quartered (with peel if organic; no peel if not, but peel adds zing)
  • 1 small broccoli stalk
  • 1 granny smith apple
  • 2 very large handfuls of spinach
  • core of 1 medium pineapple

Juice all ingredients, alternating between ingredients as you go.  We like to juice the citrus last to clean the juicer.

Here’s the video that inspired me to make my Cilantro Limeade.

I also love this video on the importance of broccoli in the diet to detoxify from air pollution from Tom Malterre, MS, CN, one half of Whole Life Nutrition and the blog Nourishing Meals.  Our green juices almost always contain a broccoli stalk and we eat broccoli several times a week.

If you try the Cilantro Limeade, let me know if you like it.  I’d also love to know what your favorite green juice is!