his and her morning green juice…it really rejuvenates

I haven’t written much here lately and I miss it! I don’t know where to start.  I’ve had so many topics dancing around in my head…

It’s an interesting/challenging life season for me.  We will be welcoming a new member of our family in less than seven weeks! Now that the weather is cooling down, I’m returning to myself (despite the very large belly).  It’s been a painful summer.  First, we lost a beloved family member.  Then, I finally realized that my cyclical blues are season related.  I’ve wondered if I was the only one who felt down in the summer until I did some online searches to find that it’s pretty common for people to have feelings of depression during high temperatures, sunny days and high humidity (we live in the Northeast US).  So, this realization has become a sort of epiphany to me and explains a lot.  I’m not the only one always wanting to seek shade and shelter in the summer.

With that said, there are some big life changes coming our way.  Yes, one is the baby, but there are others.  I’m not sure the form they will take (although I have some ideas), but I am really excited to embrace this next phase of our family’s life.

In the midst of everything, I’ve been planning and implementing as much as possible for our homeschool year with the hopes that everything will be running smoothly by the time the little one comes.  We’ve had the amazing blessing to have met the most wonderful collection of families who share very similar life philosophies we do.  We have embarked on a new curriculum, which I love, and most importantly of all, my daughter loves.  It’s as close to perfect as it can get.

I’ve been on a purging rampage, examining every single thing we own – asking if we really need it.  We’ve not been able to fully utilize our basement space, occupied by tubs and tubs of “stuff”, which would be much better loved as an art studio for the kids.  And, so the realization is that space to be used for activities is more important than for storing items that are never used.

As a counterpoint to the purging rampage, I’ve also done my best to stop buying things (my husband is thrilled to hear this one).  The purging process has taken so much of my precious time and energy…frankly, I would rather be doing something else and don’t want to repeat this process again.  I’m not exactly a packrat, but I have had the habit of collecting things over the years “just in case.”  And, realizing that after 7 years of living in the same home with no “just in case” popping up, the stuff is gone! So, now I look even more closely at the long term value of anything I am about to purchase – as well as the environmental impact of both the purchase and the disposal.

I’m still cooking as much as possible from scratch, although the summer heat put a damper on any stovetop and oven cooking.  Now I’m gearing up for all those fall germs by developing a plan to continue to keep our immune systems optimal.  In an upcoming post, I’ll show you a laminated wall hanging that I made to remind myself what foods our family needs to focus on to keep our bodies functioning well.  If I don’t have little reminders all around me, I tend to forget (let’s blame that on pregnancy brain!).

Fall is just around the corner.   Ahhhhh.  Until next time, friends…