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I think, as moms, we have an instinct that a child’s need to be creative is vital to a healthy mind.  My instinct has always been strong and some days I am attentive to it, while other days I feel like I’m just getting by with diaper changes, cooking, cleaning up, laundry…you know this list.  And it never stops.  When my son was born (second child), I felt overwhelmed and simplified everywhere possible, including reducing or even cutting out creative projects with my daughter – for weeks at a time.  Have you been there? It’s not the place I ever wanted to be, but I did what I had to do.  And, now we are slowly working back to an ideal spot.

I tell my story because there is a new resource for busy moms that I only wish I had three years ago.  It’s an e-book by FIMBY writer and mom of three, Renee Tougas, called Nurturing Creativity:  A Guide for Busy MomsNurturing Creativity is a quick read full of 14 succinct chapters to help you find time in your busy life to be creative with your children and to support the creativity inside us all.  At just $3, you’ll gain both inspiration and tactics to help you. Renee sent me a review copy of the e-book to read and asked if I would share it with my readers.  And so it’s my privilege to share this with you.

If you haven’t visited FIMBY, hop on over to peruse her site which is full of the impressive creative projects her children have done, details about her vegan home kitchen (including some of her favorite recipes), her inspirational story of how she and her family left behind their lives in Maine to seek out the adventurous lives they’re meant to lead, and so much more.  A gem of a blog.  One of my favorites, for sure.