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vegetables and dumplings from Vegan Diner topped with roasted leeks

Once the temperatures dip, I prefer to use the oven rather than turn up the heat.  With the farmers market and our CSA (we just extended our share into December), there are so many amazing cruciferous and root veggies on the chopping block ready for roasting…leeks, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, cabbage, pumpkins…

roasted cauliflower is amazing…my only problem with it is that I eat too much

Even if you don’t like these veggies, I encourage you to try roasting them with a bit of olive oil and sea salt.  That’s really all it takes, but if you want to jazz things up, try dusting curry powder or garam masala, adding citrus zest, or a little fresh rosemary from the garden (mine is still thriving, although I’m going to dry it soon).

a striking variety of beets getting ready to be roasted with fresh rosemary

Life is busy these days.  I’ve not been keeping up to my one post a week rule for this lovely blog.  It doesn’t mean anything other than:  life is busy and I will need to write when I can.  Recently, we endured a not-so-minor car crash (thankfully, everyone was fine), but that prompted me to think about how I spend my time and what my priorities are.

I expected I would have the banana ice cream video up by now.  I’m not really sure which way to go about the video – should it be a quiet one with just me, or should I do it while the kids are here (i.e. not quiet)? I’m more inclined to do a short video of just me and edit it to look nice (I’d love to brush up on the editing skills I learned in college).  But, I have more opportunities to do it with the kids (after all, we homeschool, so they are home with me all the time!).

roasted caramelized cabbage chips (I finally have a picture to show you)

I love Thanksgiving time. Crunchy leaves, cooler temperatures, delicious foods, earlier bed times.

And, while I do take the day of Thanksgiving to give thanks for what I have and who I have in my life, the little reminder voice in my head says that the thanks shouldn’t stop there.

Emily at Abide with Me is doing a series of thankful posts featuring each letter of the alphabet and corresponding words and names she is thankful for.  I love this.

roasted spaghetti squash for my curry spaghetti squash dish

I will leave you with links to some fall-inspired, dairy-free recipes that I am so excited to try.  All of them are quite suitable for Thanksgiving dinner if you need any last-minute ideas.

Are you on Pinterest? I am and it’s rockin’ my world.  I love how it keeps all my online favorites organized.  Check out my Pinterest boards and find all these recipes, plus many, many more that I’ve pinned.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends.

I appreciate you.