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They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  I look up and I look down and I see that is true in many ways.

I love to read cookbooks.  It’s a favorite past-time.  I have taught myself so much by reading and re-reading recipes, tips, techniques.  I owe my cooking education to cookbooks, TV cooking shows, and most recently – food blogs.

It looks like my daughter is following suit…each week when we visit the library she makes a beeline directly to the kids’ cookbooks.

If she doesn’t have a borrowed cookbook out, she’s looking at one of mine.  I don’t buy many books, but I do buy many cookbooks (not an area that I’m good at practicing minimalism).  I think for those of you who have this affliction, surely you can understand my thrill of owning more recipes than could ever be cooked.

Anyhow, back to the girl…and her cookbooks.

One day, she decided to choose the cookbook Cooking the North African Way.

It’s a wonderful book for kids of all ages and part of a series that features countries (and regions) all over the world.  (The next book she wants to take out is Cooking the Hungarian Way so she can cook something for her uncle’s Hungarian girlfriend.)  She reviewed each recipe in this book before choosing a chickpea dish that we made last night.

It was fabulous.  A hit, indeed.  And certainly, a “make again.”

See that smile? She is so proud of her dinner choice! (And, this is one picture I will treasure as her front teeth are loose preparing to fall out, changing that smile forever.)

Another cookbook that she picked out is Vegan Lunch Box.  She found a recipe for Honeybee No-Bakes that she wanted to make herself.  While the little guy was napping (sometimes the 1:1 time is best for projects like these!), we measured, poured and formed our little honeybees!

We started by gathering all the ingredients.


Mixed (by hand, the best way – hee hee)…

Formed into balls, then made indentations for wings…

Added the sliced almonds and voila!

After a short time in the freezer, they were ready.  They are adorable, don’t you think!? My kids were big fans of these little treats, as well as some of our friends.

Please tell me…do you read cookbooks, too? What cookbooks do your kids like to use?