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Today I’m taking a break from talking about the edible kind of food to talk about play food!

My son recently turned two and received the loveliest gift from my dear childhood friend.  It was a felt board with a handmade felt road, cars and trucks.  It was absolutely perfect for my car and truck loving boy!

As I watched him play, I knew that I had to add this gift to my gift list for my other friends – both in car design and in other designs (enter the idea of make your own cupcakes – can I ever stop thinking about food?).

I decided to search online for other bloggers who may have made a felt cupcake set and not only did I find a bunch, I found the template (created by Rachel Meeks of Small Notebook, a blog I enjoy reading) that I would use to create a make your own cupcake gift set for a friend’s daughter’s birthday.

I had such a great time making this set and when my daughter saw the results she asked for one of her own! Who wouldn’t want one? I do, I do! Pink sprinkles? Yes! Chocolate frosting? Yes! (Now, I won’t get too carried away, the pink sprinkles would have no artificial colors and the chocolate frosting would be made with raw cacao powder and date sugar.)

To make this cupcake set, you need:

  • Felt board (slightly stiffer and larger than the felt squares)
  • Felt squares in various colors
  • Fabric scissors (the sharper the better)

Print the template (I made my cupcakes a bit more rounded on the top and therefore the liners needed to be made a little longer) and choose your colors.

Trace and cut the pieces.

And…build your own cupcake!

I bought my felt at AC Moore, but Magic Cabin has a beautiful assortment of wool felt.  Amazon also has similar packages, but made from acrylic (and much less expensive).

If you would like to purchase a felt set instead of making your own, we have a fairy felt set by Felt Tales that the kids have enjoyed playing with.

Have you ever made a felt playing set?