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For years, my husband took pictures of his food before we ate for his blog.  As someone who is always ravenous before each meal, I had a hard time suppressing the automatic motion to feed myself once food was set before me.  Now, I am the one torturing my family, taking pictures before we eat.  Thankfully, snapping a few pictures takes no more than a minute (and if the little ones sneak in a bite, it’s OK!).

While I do enjoy sharing our dinners with you, I love to have a record of the beautiful, fresh food we are eating which also serves as a resource when meal planning.

Here’s a look into our dining room…I hope you enjoy the feast! All of the food shown below was served to the entire family (no special meal for little ones and they really did enjoy it as much as the adults did).

I can’t take much credit for the beauty you’re about to see…that beauty is all thanks to the colorful foods founds in nature.

A.  Kale and tofu (local and organic) over whole wheat couscous

B. Mediterranean pasta (using organic brown rice spirals from Trader Joe’s)

C. Black bean quesadillas (with homemade tortillas I will talk about in a later post) and various accompaniments

D. Curried millet salad

E. Red quinoa salad with avocado/tomato side plus marinated portabellos

F. Leafy green salad with mushroom quinoa, homemade popcorn, kimchi and miso soup

G. Summer rolls with peanut/hoisin dipping sauce, brown rice and tahini green beans

H.  Leafy green salad with orange cashew dressing, tabouli, hummus, carrot sticks and coconut roasted sweet potatoes

I just love the Michael Pollan quote, “If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t.”

What is your favorite plant-based meal?