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I don’t always have a good handle on our meals.  Case in point:  today.

I try to menu plan our dinners, but lunches are usually yummy leftovers from last night.

After grocery shopping this morning, we played outside for a while and worked up quite the appetite.

Once we came inside I scoured the fridge to find – uh oh – NO leftovers!

Well, this isn’t the first time that has happened, and I actually have a plan for days like today.  I pull together a nice selection of whole foods – fresh veggies, pickles, nuts and…

Ladies and Gentlemen:  The Perfect Toddler Lunch in Just Five Minutes

(perfect for mom, too, but my plate was much bigger!)

Clockwise, starting at fork:

  • Red rainbow carrots
  • Cashews and almonds (my son is very proficient at eating whole nuts and always supervised)
  • Nori roasted seaweed
  • Avocados
  • Red bell peppers
  • Bubbies kosher dill pickles (fermented and loaded with good bacteria)
  • Steamed green beans with orange glaze (I steamed a whole bunch to be stored in the fridge to be picked on when we’re hungry or used to top salads)

What is your favorite quick lunch?

Check back for my next post, which will be all about stocking your kitchen to make smoothies!