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The kidoing! immunity poster was created because my daughter showed incredible interest in a chart I taped to my kitchen wall of fruits and veggies that give you strong bones.  We talked about the chart, discussing all the fruits and veggies and why they are important to eat.  Up until that point, like many parents, I had a picky eater who pushed away most green veggies on her plate.  But, then, the transformation started to happen.  She wanted to eat more of the veggies that gave her strong bones! Our tipping point was the visual aid that prompted our discussion bridging the connection between food and a healthy body.

Our first kidoing! poster is on foods that impact the immune system because it’s no fun being sick when you’re a kid (or a grown up, for that matter).  Our family was one of those families that was sick constantly, and frankly, we were sick of being sick.  After spending countless hours researching foods that support a healthy immune system, and also those that negatively impact it, I created the immunity poster to tie together how eating nutrient dense foods can actually help reduce the number of colds you have, or at the very least reduce the duration and intensity.  In addition to eating these foods, we found that as we decreased consumption of other highly refined foods, especially refined white sugar, we didn’t get sick nearly as often and if we did it was mild and fleeting.

(Many experts claim that when you consume refined sugar, your immune system fights it as if it is a foreign invader leaving fewer resources available to fight cold and flu viruses.  There is some debate about this topic, but after almost eliminating refined white sugar in our home, it was easy for us to make this connection.)

The immune system is so incredibly complicated and eating the right foods alone probably will not guarantee you a healthy body.  In addition to eating well, we also try to get sufficient rest, exercise, outdoor time, and manage all of life’s daily stresses.

You may have heard before that the foods you eat work together in your body like all the instruments in a symphony.  It’s unrealistic to think that eating a diet of limited foods is going to work out in your best interest.  Foods work synergistically, providing a wide assortment of valuable vitamins and minerals, for your body.  For instance, when we eat iron rich foods, we eat something containing Vitamin C to help our bodies absorb the iron.  If we are eating black bean soup, we’ll add some citrus to the soup or eat an orange on the side.  This is just one little example, but I can’t stress enough how it’s really important to eat a wide range of whole “real” foods.

If you would like to read more about how nutrient rich foods can improve your health, I suggest you seek out the work of Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  He has written several books including Eat to Live and Disease-Proof Your Child:  Feeding Kids Right, which has been a life changer for me.

Thanks for stopping by.  Once you start using the poster in your home, I would love to hear how it’s working for you and your family!