Welcome to kidoing!

Hi and thank you for stopping by.  This is our very first blog post, so I’d like to share a little bit of background on why we chose the name kidoing! and what we are doing.

The idea behind kidoing! the name and the company is that we, as parents and educators, play a primary role in empowering our children to DO for themselves.  What do I mean by that? In terms of food, until they reach a certain age, we are private chefs and our children are the clients.  But, more than that, children rely on us to provide them with a nutritious and well-balanced meal.  Therefore, when we engage kids in age-appropriate talk about good nutrition and eating habits, they understand what good food choices are and why it’s important to make them.

This blog will be a forum to share ideas and cover everything from health topics in the news to techniques and tips that have helped me and my family to new favorite recipes – and maybe even feature a kid-friendly video or two.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please come back to visit to read our upcoming posts on the topics of “Why a poster?”, “How do I balance nutritious foods with treats?”, “To hide or not to hide the veggies”…oh, and I can’t wait to share my kids’ favorite green smoothie recipe with you!

Best in good health and yummy nutritious food,